African Chebe Benefits/Uses
African Chebe Benefits/Uses

African Chebe Benefits/Uses

Chebe (pronounced shea bay) powder is a traditional hair growth remedy from Chad, Africa. It has been used for generations to increase hair growth and prevent breakage. All natural, and only available from plants in this remote part of Africa.

Chebe is the secret to very long hair in Chad. In Chad women’s hair often goes past their waist. For African women elsewhere, this length of hair is almost never seen. It moisturizes hair and prevents breakage. The Basara Arab women in Chad are known to have very long hair. They cover their hair in a home made mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why they say their hair never breaks; even from childhood. This is made with ingredients that are only found in Chad and Sudan. Well unlike shea butter and other hair moisturizers, Chebe penetrates the hair shaft to prevent breakage like nothing else. It also de-tangles easily making hair easier to manage.

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How Chebe is made

  • The Chebe seeds, mahellaba soubianne, and cloves are individually grilled and separated. Then individually ground into a fine powder in a sort of mortar and pestle set up and those ground powders are also separated.
  • The Hair Grease and scented oil are mixed together in a separate container and set aside
  • The powders are then combined in the same mortar and mixed together, a few spoonfuls of the oil/grease mixture are added in and the container set aside, then that is all mixed together giving the once fine powder a texture closer to soil.
  • The Missic and Resin are then ground together into a powder and added to the “soil-like” mixture.

How to use:

  1. Dampen your hair.
  2. Make the Chebe paste from Chebe Powder and the ingredients of your choice, such as natural oils, perfumes and butters.
  3. Apply the Chebe paste to hair.
  4. Re-braid the hair. Once the braiding is done, wet it again with water.
  5. For best results, repeat the routine every 3 to 5 days.
  6.  If you think that the process is too messy, use it as a deep conditioner once a week, and use the Chebe Oil hair strengthener daily or every other day.
  7. Users report that they can see and feel a difference in the texture, strength and condition of their hair very quickly after they start to use Chebe. We have many satisfied buyers so this goes a long way in explaining why this product has been a sell out.




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