About Us

About Us

We offer quality and handmade product. All our ingredients are recognizable, cruelty-free, and organic! Our selection of oils, butters, and soaps is a very cautious process.We offer organic health and wellness products because we care about your overall wellbeing. Natural or organic products are a necessity in our world today. Let us rid ourselves off all the toxic products and give our skin and bodies that natural love it needs.If we love our body, it will love us back!

Also by doing business with us you will be helping small communities in Africa.The mission of Wakandalist is to improve lives for craftspeople and communities in Africa. 

Accessories, fabric, butters and oils among other things we have are handmade by these African artists who are super talented. We offer African and Afrocentric products to North America at affordable prices..They are very rich and great for our wellness.Hopefully we will be able to make you smile with every purchase!

"I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift, I think i'm addicted now"

Melvin B.

"After my first use of the African Black soap I was hooked! I could see and feel the effects it was having on my face. I am so very happy I came across this website"

Laura F.

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